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04 November 2019

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12 April 2019

Exhibition : "Wartime Toys and games"

Temporary exhibition from April 6 to November 3, 2019, at the Falaise Memorial Museum.

This year, please come and discover a temporary exhibition dedicated to games and toys from the Second World War.

During the two world wars the mobilization of societies at war was essential. Children have been the prime target of all the war propaganda systems put in place by all the belligerents.

Games and war toys tell a different and exciting story. The history of youth recruitment particularly structured in Germany, Italy, or the USSR, the way to show the adversary and often total indifference to his sufferings, especially on the question of bombing. Finally, the important production of these games and toys that adds to the total war effort.

This is why for the past 15 years, we have been building a collection of these games and war toys that we are pleased to present you this year at the Falaise Memorial Museum.

On this occasion, the Falaise Memorial invites you to come in family to play board games or skil games.

This temporary exhibition is included in the museum visit.


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